Some comments from people contemplating retirement

1.      I don't know what I am going to do with myself.

2.         I can't wait. I can sleep in every day and do whatever I want.

3.         It'll be great. We will travel and play golf and visit my old work mates.

4.      I'm looking forward to it. I'll do all those jobs I never got around to and spend a lot more time with the children and grandchildren.

5.      We will be able to share all the household tasks and spend a lot more time together.


6.      I'm going to write a book (or learn the piano or whatever).

Are there any traps in these attitudes?


                                                     Some comments from people after they have been retired a while.

      1.   I don’t know how I found time to work.

2.      I wish he would get out from under my feet.

3.         I have become an unpaid child minder. I love my grandchildren but  

4.         I don't feel that I am important any more.

5.         I miss the conversations and mental stimulation that I got at work.

6.      I am enjoying my retirement but it gets a bit boring. Every day seems the same.

What do these comments say about the sort of retirement that this person has arranged for herself/himself?

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