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  The “Retired Railway Employees Club Inc.” was formed in 1932 for retired persons to maintain contact with their former colleagues on a social basis, and it has met regularly ever since. Present membership is in excess of 250. A Honour Board of all past and present Officers of the Club can be seen in the main concourse of the Adelaide Railway Station adjacent the steps leading to the Casino.

  We invite any Retired Railway Employee to join our Club. Membership is open to all departments of any Railway System working in or through South Australia. Spouses or Partners of retired railway employees, who did not join the Club, may join as an Associate Member. Friends of Full Members, who give their support to our Club and take part in the activities, can also join if introduced by a Full Member. Former Railway Commissioner Mr. Ron Fitch is our Patron and takes a keen interest in our Club.

  Meetings are held fortnightly in the “Community Centre”, 171 Sturt Street, Adelaide, Monday afternoons commencing at 2.00pm according to a prepared program, available at the meetings or from the secretary on request. Quality Guest Speakers address our Club on various topics. 

  A Christmas luncheon in December completes our year’s program.

Spouses and partners are most welcome to attend all the activities.


  To help with the running cost of the Club there is a door charge of $2.00 p/p per meeting which includes 2 raffle tickets. Apart from donations, this is the Club’s only income.

In conclusion, we again invite you to join our Club and we assure you that a sincere and warm welcome awaits you.


Please fill in the information below, tear of and forward to the Secretary or bring to a meeting.

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Date of Birth: ____________________________________Phone No: _______________________

Grade on Retirement: _______________________________Location: _______________________

In case of a Friend Member: Introduced by: _____________________________________________

Membership Donation of $________________________is enclosed.

Signature of Applicant: _______________________________________    Date: ________________


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