Annual Secretaries Report February 17, 2014

I will make this as short as possible because not much has changed since last year. We are now at the beginning of the 82nd year since this Club was begun and, as you all know it has been on a downward slide for several years now because of falling membership. Nine more members have departed since our last AGM last February. Surprisingly we gained 2 new members this past year.

Some further facts and figures. The total attendances for the last year were 372 while the total for 2012 was 435, which is down just 63. I thank you the membership for your faithfulness to our club.

The highest meeting attendance for the year was 22 while one of the meetings only attracted 11 members. But our usual Christmas Lunch had the best overall with 33 diners taking part.

Regarding our membership, we still have 175 members on our list. Many of those we have never seen.

Of those 175 members, 110 are over the age of 80 and 37 of those are over 90. Regarding our finances, the main expenditure for the year was our Christmas lunch. This Christmas lunch including drinks had a total cost of $2086.40 while members contributed $1020.00 towards this. That means $1066.00 was subsidised out of our Club funds. We currently have a net bank balance of $580.00. The total of the admittance and raffle money received here at the venue was $620.00. So in short, as our Christmas Lunch is really the only expense for the year and is funded from the raffle money we will have to increase the member’s contribution to our next Christmas lunch unless we increase our attendance fee, which is currently $2.00. Voluntary contributions are of course always welcome.

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