Minutes of the GENERAL MEETING held on Monday, the 2nd of July 2012 in the South West
Community Centre, 171 Sturt Street in Adelaide.

Secretary Leo Vandenberg welcomed members and opened the meeting at 2:00 P.M.

APOLOGIES: Lynn Venning, Albert Maschgan


Harrison  Ray    6 July 1922 Electrical Fitter        Adelaide 90
Galic      Ciril    8 July 1924 Loco Shunter            Adelaide 88
Halden   Eddie  9 July 1931 Clerk, Supply, STA    Adelaide 81

Happy Birthday was sung to Ciril who was present at the Meeting


1. The Minutes of the meeting held on Monday the 18th of June were confirmed at the Executive 
    Meeting and copies were available from the table.
2. The next meeting will be held on Monday the 16th of July, then the 30th of July.
3. The Christmas Luncheon will be held on Monday the 10th of December at the Pavilion on the 
    Park. The cost to members will be $25.00 per person including drinks. A deposit has been paid.
4. Treasurer Leo Vandenberg will now accept payments for the Christmas Lunch.
5. Ciril Galic, the Birthday Man, was the asked to draw the first raffle ticket.
6. As the President Lynn Venning was absent there was regretfully no player for our DVD show.
7. Our Member John Morcom then offered to give an overview of his early life from school days 
    on which was gracefully accepted. As this was an of the cuff talk it was amazing how good his 
    memory is from so far back in history including the many dozens of historic townships in the 
    Riverland. John Dowe then thanked John for his efforts.

The Meeting was closed at 3:10 P.M.

There were 16 members present. Raffle proceeds after door prizes were $22.00. 

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