Minutes of the GENERAL MEETING held on Monday, the 2nd of April 2012 in the South West
Community Centre, 171 Sturt Street in Adelaide.

As the President and all other Committee Members are away this week the Secretary Leo
Vandenberg welcomed members and opened the meeting at 2:00 P.M.

APOLOGIES: - Lynn Venning,  John Dowe and Max Kernich.


Emes               Reg       27-Mar-1926  Technical Officer                         Murray Bridge 86

Maidment       Laurie     29-Mar-1919  Sub-Foreman, Works and Buildings Mile End        93
Tilley             Ray        29-Mar-1923  Guard Class 2                              Adelaide        89
Jones            Melva      29-Mar-1924  Wife of Murray (Deceased)                                88
Petkovic        Milan       31-Mar-1925  Engineman                                 Dry Creek       87
Magor           Don         31-Mar-1927  Checker in Charge                       Mile End         85
Mountain       Bill           1-Apr-1932  Friend Member                                                 80
Wohlschlager Alois         4-Apr-1928  Ganger                                      Tailem Bend    84
Collins          Bob           5-Apr-1919  Pay Clerk                                   Adelaide         93
Elias            Ken           6-Apr-1926  Engineman                                 Mile End          86
Harwood       Ralph        7-Apr-1920  Expenditure Accountant                                     92

Deceased Non-Member
Kirkman          Paul         27-Mar-2012  Formerly Engineman                 Mile End          95


1. As there was no Committee Meeting the Minutes of the last meeting on the 19th of March were 
    not yet confirmed.
2. The next meeting will be held on Monday the 16th of April 2012. A DVD on Railways will be 
    shown on the big screen.
3. Our Member John Morcom then brought back some memories of his early days in his Railway Service.

Members were thanked for their attendance.

The Meeting was closed at 3:00 P.M.

There were 19 members present. Raffle proceeds after door prizes were $32.00.

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