Minutes of the GENERAL MEETING held on Monday, the 7th November 2011 in the South
West Community Centre, 171 Sturt Street in Adelaide.

President Lynn Venning welcomed members and opened the meeting at 2:00 P.M.

APOLOGIES: - M. Kernich, K. McLaren, M. Lambert, P. Marzahn and Ray & Barbara Nicks.

Over 80's Birthdays: -

Shearer      Dawn      01 Nov 1925 Wife of Peter (deceased)               86
Brookman  Graham  02 Nov 1922 Senior Professional Officer Adelaide 89
O'Neill       Frank      10 Nov 1927 Information Officer           Keswick  84


1. The minutes of the previous General Meeting were accepted at the Executive Meeting and 
    copies were available from the table along with copies of the timetable for next year.
2. The next and final meeting for the year will be held on Monday 21st of November.
3. Names and payment for the Christmas Luncheon (on Monday the 12th of December 2011 at 
    the Pavilion on the Park) are still being accepted. The cost to members who attend the 
    Christmas Luncheon is $25.00 per person. To date, 36 members have booked.
4. John Newell was invited to draw the first raffle ticket.
5. Members then watched an interesting film about Strange Trains.
6. Ron Perkins advised that he had recently attended the funeral of a non-member, Malcolm James.

Members were thanked for their attendance.

The Meeting was closed at 3:05 P.M.

There were 16 members present. Raffle proceeds after door prizes were $24.00.

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