Minutes of the GENERAL MEETING held on Monday, the 12th of April 2010 in the South West Community Centre, 171 Sturt Street in Adelaide.

President Lynn Venning opened the meeting at 2:15 P.M.
Members then stood and sang Advance Australia Fair.

Lynn Venning reported on his recent trip to Brisbane for the Association of Live Steamers Annual Easter Convention,

which was held in Brisbane and of a visit to the Ipswich Railway Workshops Museum.

The Museum is a working Museum which carries out maintenance and repair work on Queensland's Heritage Trains as well as using original blacksmith equipment along with modern laser machines to manufacture parts for existing revenue earning QR rolling-stock and new QR rolling- stock.
A video presentation was prepared, but was unable to be presented, as the centre's projector is not compatible with Windows XP.

APOLOGIES: - L. Vandenberg (Secretary).

I. All present were advised that the minutes of the General Meeting held on Monday
   the 29th of March 2010 were confirmed at the Executive Meeting and copies will be available at the next meeting.
2. The next meeting will be in three weeks on Monday the 3rd of May. Max Lambert is arranging a speaker.
3. The following meeting will be held on Monday the 17th of May.  
4. Leo has arranged a speaker Monday the 31st of May. A speaker from COTA will talk about DEPRESSION IN THE AGED.
5. A general reminder of our Patrons 100th Birthday celebration to be held on Monday
   the 7th of June at the Pavilion on the Park. 11:30 A.M. for 12 Noon start.
6. Leo will visit the Centre on Monday the 19th of April to advise any members who
   turn up for the meeting that has been cancelled and that the next meeting will be in three weeks time.

Over 80's Birthdays: -
Nicks     Barbara  12 Apr 1928 Wife of Ray                                      82
Robb     James      13 Apr 1919 Car and Wagon Maker       Islington   91
Ehrlich   Waltraud 16 Apr 1919 Supervisor Parcels Office    Adelaide    91
Molinski Stan       20 Apr 1926 Welder                             Islington   84
Peter     George   26 Apr 1923 Staff & Pay Officer             Keswick     84

Sick List:
Leo was reported to be well on the way to recovery after some problems associated with recent cataract surgery.

Members were thanked for their attendance.

The Meeting was closed at 2:40 P.M.

There were 14 members present. Raffle proceeds after door prizes were $22.00


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